Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Ye Quizze: In feven Partes (Parte the First)

Dear readers, This week, I am happy to present a special ongoing feature in addition our normal weekly article. This feature is by Thomas Decker, a German astrologer who has graciously written for the Gryphon Astrology blog before. This is a traditional astrology quiz, with answers to be revealed later. You can use the comment board for each question (the link is at the end of the article itself) to share your answers and guesses. Good luck, and have fun! Nina AKA Gryphon

Note: Although multiple choice, each question may have more than one right answer. And some of the answers may be partially right! (Just to keep a measure of suspense :-))

Ye firft Questione:

What is Temperament and how is it assessed in a chart?

a. Temperament shows elemental balance. One checks in which sign each planet is and what element they have. So if someone has lots of planets in earth signs they have an earthy temperament.

b. Temperament is another name for the native's emotional life. All that is required is to look at the positions of the Moon, Venus and Mars and the aspects they make to each other.

c. Temperament describes the deep-seated constitutional nature of a person. If the life is considered as a symphony then temperament is the key in which the symphony is written in. The ascendant, Lord of the Ascendant, Planets aspecting the ascendant, the Sun, the Moon and
the Lord of the chart must all be included in assessing the temperament of a person.

d. Temperament is something our ancestors had. We don't have it anymore. Some people had lots of black bile while others were full of yellow bile. Some just had too much blood and if one wanted to insult someone one said they were full of phl...

e. Temperament or complexion describe a person's predominant humour. Just as mercurial describes a quality and not only the metal and the planet known by that name so too does the quality of the predominant humour describe the constitution of a person and how it might be
expressed in their personality. The melancholic has an abundance of the cold and dry black bile while the sanguine person an abundance of hot and moist blood. The choleric has plenty of hot and dry yellow bile and the phlegmatic plenty of cold and moist phlegm. Quite often two humours are dominant. The temperament is thus based on the assessment of how hot, cold, dry or moist the ascendant, Lord of the Ascendant, Planets aspecting the ascendant, the Sun, the Moon and the Lord of the chart are.

What temperament does Mr. X have? (June 4, 1882, 21:08 MET [Middle European Time] M√ľnchen, 11e34, 48n08 Asc. 27 Sagittarius)

Hint: see Real Astrology Applied pp. 121


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