Sunday, May 28, 2006

Horary of the Week: Will My Friend Go to England?


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Question: “Will my friend move to England?”

Background: A friend has been thinking to moving from the U.S. to England to be with her boyfriend. This would be obviously a big change for her, though she had lived abroad before, and she is more than adequately prepared to handle it. When she emailed me, she was trying to decide whether to go or not. Her mother in particular was against it at the time, and it looked as though my friend might not go because of the opposition from her mom. I felt she should go as it would help broaden her horizons.

Short Answer: Yes, she will go to England, though perhaps she will regret it or simply might return at some point.


1. My friend is signified by Saturn (Lord 11 of friends) in Leo, in her turned 7th house. Obviously, she is very much in love with her boyfriend (7th house), and this is her primary motivation for going overseas. Saturn, however, is retrograde, which might signify return. Let’s see how the rest of the chart looks.

2. She would be making a long journey to a foreign country. So we would look to the 9th house. But do we look at the turned 9th house or radical 9th? John Frawley suggests that the bigger and more impersonal the object, the less likely we are to turn; turning the chart suggests the object somehow belongs to the person. Here, England does not belong to my friend, but her journey to England is hers alone. I realize reasonable people can differ on this one, but I chose the turned 9th, which is the radical 7th house.

The ruler of the 9th house is Venus. To determine whether my friend will make her journey, we need to find an aspect between Saturn and Venus. And we’ve got one; Venus applies to an opposition to Saturn in 2 degrees. So my friend will indeed go to England, though oppositions bring regret or a breaking apart, so perhaps she will not stay there.

Follow-up: My friend did indeed leave for England, one month after I asked the question. Whether she will stay there or not, only time will tell.


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