Saturday, November 12, 2005

Horary of the Week: Will I Keep My Job?


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Question: "Will I keep my job?"

Background: The Querent found out that several coworkers were going to lose their jobs due to a company reorganization. Though he knew that his job was not in danger at this time, he wanted assurance that he was not going to lose his work sometime later.

Short answer: Yes. The Querent's position seems secure at this time. Though there are changes in his immediate environment, he seems in a remarkably good place for the foreseeable future.

The astrology: First, to get a general overview of the situation, we look to the angles; they are all mutable, showing that we can expect the situation to be in flux, ebbing and flowing. Let's see what's going on with our Querent. His significator is Jupiter in the 7th house in Scorpio; Jupiter just entered Scorpio, a fixed sign, so we can see the Querent is not going anywhere for quite a while. The Moon, as the Querent's cosignificator is also fixed, emphasizing that the Querent is staying in place. It is also void of course, making no further aspects in its sign, indicating that there is nothing going on in the situation. Now, the Moon is at the end of a fixed sign, about to move into Pisces, so the indicator is that there may be some change in the future.
Let us look at the Arabic Part of Resignation & Dismissal (Saturn + Jupiter - Sun); it lies at 26 Cancer. Its dispositor, then, is the Moon. The Moon's first aspect upon entering Pisces is a trine to Jupiter. The implication is that after some change in the situation, symbolized by the change of sign, the Querent may leave, but not at this time.


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